Wireless broadband: Fast and Reliable.

Using the latest 5G wireless technology, Broadband4spain delivers low cost, fast, reliable Internet services without the need for a landline.

Subsidised Installation and first 6 months

Powerful 300 Mbps WiFi n Router (Secure home setup)

Landline Not required
Don't Pay when you are away in your home country

Upto 10Mbps Download Speed 

Upto 1Mbps Upload Speed

Unlimited Data Transfer, no monthly limits

SkypeBoost tm Technology, clear Skype calls
Dual IP Addresses  (Access the Internet as if in UK)

Low Cost Installation: Within 2-7 working days*

Our service is delivered through a small outdoor antenna 40cm X 40cm
and uses revolutionary 5GHz AirMax wireless Technology.

Low Visual Impact

No equipment to buy or maintain
Fast and reliable connection

Very low power consumption

No telephone cables or right of way issues

No service degradation due to poor weather

Powerful WiFi n Router :

Secure home setup by our engineers

Use your laptop/smart phone Wirelessly
Supports WiFi B,G & superfast N standards

Secure hardware firewall included

Additional ports for desktops & printers

Complies with latest WiFi security standards

Upto 4X Range & 9X Speed of older routers

Dual IP address Service:

Some web sites customise, change and restrict their content based on your IP address. So if you are a British Expat living in Spain, you will only see the Spanish or international version of many UK websites. To help with this problem We provide a free UK IP address service that lets you view selected web sites as if you are in the uk.

You can also watch Internet TV as if you were in the UK (Subject to bandwidth availability).
BB4S is the only Spanish ISP offering this service free of charge to both our new and existing customers.

SkypeBoost: Clearer skype calls

Skype uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
Generally this does not work well over wireless internet services.

Speech can be broken and difficult to understand.

Working together with Skype and our technology partners here at broadband4spain (rebeloak S.L.) we have developed a different way of recognising and prioritising Skype traffic on our network.

As a result we can boast clear and reliable skype calls at all times.

UPTO 10Mbps Speed: Fastest wireless connection available

We provide the fastest domestic wireless broadband connections in Andalucía
Whilst your fast  wireless connection may reach 10 Mbps.

Internet pages will load lquickly at all times

Email will be fast and reliable

Video clips (youtube etc) will play smoothly
VoIP, IRC, MSN, Skype, Facebook, GoogleTalk are all compatible
Ideal for Online games, WoW, X-Box .

Files and computer updates will download quickly

* May not be suitable for all types of medium-high definiation IPTV

Unlimited Data:* No Unexpected bills

If you use a "dongle", a mobile data tariff, or certain other wireless internet providers, you will have a limit on the amount of data you can download and upload (usually 5Gbytes per month). Use over your limit and your connection will be disconnected, and / or an unexpected bill for the extra data.

At BB4S you may download without that worry or expense. Our fair usage policy allows you to download a massive 1.5 Gbytes in any 24h period  at full speed, then an unlimited amount of data at a reduced priority.


Subsidised Installation

No equipment to buy

High Gain Antenna

FREE 300Mbps WiFi n

1) Call 951 239 888 for rapid install

2) Our engineers will install & test

3) Pay the installation engineer  for your first 6 months use, only €249

4) Enjoy high speed Internet and Pay

nothing more for the next 6


30 day No quibble money back guarantee


Only €42.35 inc. per month

Pay month by month*

No usage charges

No call out charges*

Local rate support calls

  Pay by secure direct debit
  Pay by debit or credit card

  Pay by quarterly cash